If you are not so hi-tech and have often wondered how your Mac Air works, you have come to the right place. Today’s laptop is incredibly thin, very light and possesses ultra-processing power, a far cry from the first laptop computers a few years ago, and with that in mind, here is a list of major components and what they do, as well as you can buy them from zanbeel.pk.

  • The CPU – The core processing unit would be at least quad core, which means it actually has 5 separate channels, along which to send data. Intel have now released the Core i9 processor, which enables you to run half a dozen major applications at the same time, while surfing the net and watching a video.
  • The Hard Drive – Now solid-state drives have taken over, which are much faster that the spinning hard disk drive of a few years ago. The smallest SSD would be 500gb, with some coming in at 2 terabytes. The optical drive is now obsolete, replaced by USB sticks, and if you have an issue with your SDD, use the affordable PC repairs in London provided by specialist technicians.
  • Random Access Memory – The more, the better, and a new laptop today would not have less than 8gb of RAM, with high end machines having either 16 or 32gb, which really helps when video editing.

Of course, the mainboard would be the foundation that ties all the components together, and should your motherboard die and your machine is out of warranty, it wouldn’t be worth replacing it.