Puzzle games are popular for having goals, interesting layouts, plots, and so many more additional features that have increased their fan base of gamers. However, beating boredom through playing these games has been linked as one of the main reasons for these games’ success. A puzzle app, a mobile device, and some time to spare are all you need to be able to play.

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Puzzle Players Use Mobile Games to Distress, Learn and Pass Time

Puzzle players enjoy mobile gaming to unwind and have fun between meetings or relax after a stressful day. Gaming enthusiasts find mobile gaming appealing since it is an excellent way of passing the time while taking breaks from other activities. Additionally, the players also love the educational value they acquire from these games as they also get the opportunity to learn things that may be useful in their daily lives. Social elements have started influencing their mobile gameplay since gamers are migrating to other genres like action.

Use of Effective Market the Puzzle Games

The majority of puzzle players in the world frequently try out new games as long as the advert used to market the game looks appealing. The storyline and the main gameplay are effectively in the ads to attract puzzle players. An effective marketing strategy not only brings back inactive players but also helps to attract new puzzle players. When it comes to making gamers reengage, one of the effective methods used is sending updates or communicating new content to them.

In-App ad Strategies Have Been Enhanced

Puzzle gamers well understand the value exchange of in-app ads. However, gaming companies have now started considering the preferences of their gamers and thus decided to enhance these in-app ads. Gaming enthusiasts prefer less frequent, longer ad breaks compared to more frequent ones. Gaming companies sometimes reward their gamers for watching ads, encouraging the gamer to continue with the game instead of leaving the game because of ads.

Gamers like The Feeling They Get from Winning

As human beings, we like the satisfactory feeling we get from meeting and conquering a challenge. Oxytocin is released by our minds when someone praises us or gets to achieve something. Sometimes it’s like our subconscious minds praise us when we solve puzzles without us even realizing it.

The better a gamer gets at the game, the bigger the thrill. This feeling of satisfaction makes you feel good, thus making you want to play repeatedly.

Puzzle Games are Family and Culture Friendly

Another reason why puzzle games are popular worldwide is that most of them have family-friendly activities. Solving puzzles together with family members strengthens the bond between loved ones. Furthermore, it helps in developing valuable skills needed in real life. For example, it promotes teamwork, work ethics, and patience, among other life principles.

Puzzles are Easy to Play

Even with little know-how, you can still play a puzzle game since it’s easy to master. You only need to follow the rules of a puzzle game, and you’ll be good to go.