Rogue-like games are all about challenge, strategy, and adaptability. These games provide a unique blend of intense gameplay with an ever-changing environment that keeps players on their toes.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the rogue-like genre, Steam offers a treasure trove of experiences that are as punishing as they are rewarding. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of the best roguelikes on steam, including a special feature on a rising star in the genre, Ocean Keeper.


What Makes a Great Rogue-like Game?

  • Unpredictable Layouts: Each playthrough should feel fresh, with random map generation that challenges you to adapt your strategy.
  • Permadeath: The stakes are high with no room for errors; losing means starting over, pushing you to learn and improve.

Here are the TOP 11 roguelike games on Steam that you might enjoy exploring for their unique blend of challenge, procedural generation, and replayability:

1.) Hades


This game combines isometric hack-and-slash action with a rich narrative. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, attempting to escape from the underworld, with each run adding depth to the story and character interactions​.

2.) Dead Cells

Dead Cells

A Metroidvania-style roguelike that features fast-paced action and evolving exploration. Each run through its ever-changing castle reveals new paths and secrets, keeping the gameplay both challenging and engaging​.

3.) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


Known for its dark themes and extensive replayability, this game takes players through bizarre, randomly generated dungeons filled with unique power-ups and grotesque enemies.

4.) Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2

This sequel enhances its treasure-hunting adventure with new environments and characters, maintaining the series’ notorious difficulty and introducing fresh challenges with each run​​.

5.) Enter the Gungeon


A bullet-hell dungeon crawler that mixes roguelike elements with an absurd variety of guns and items. Its humorous and chaotic gameplay offers deep strategic layers beneath its surface​.

6.) Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain

Transitioning from 2D to a fully 3D world, this game offers a unique blend of shooting and character development, with diverse biomes and loot systems that make each run distinct​​.

7.) Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

A gothic horror RPG that focuses not only on dungeon crawling but also on managing the psychological stresses of its characters, adding a strategic layer to its already deep gameplay​.

8.) Crypt of the NecroDancer


This rhythm-based dungeon crawler uniquely combines beat-matching with traditional roguelike gameplay, requiring players to move and attack to the rhythm of the music​.

9.) Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

A roguelike deckbuilder that challenges players to craft a powerful deck, facing off against a variety of enemies through procedurally generated levels​.

10.) Cult of the Lamb


You play as a cuddly cult leader in a randomly generated world, battling enemies and managing your own cult community. It’s a unique blend of roguelike combat and management simulation​​.

11.) Ocean Keeper

Imagine piloting a gigantic robotic spider through the uncharted depths of the ocean. This is the world of Ocean Keeper, where the entire underwater realm hunts you, and survival means evolving.

Ocean Keeper

You can check Ocean Keeper game here

These games each bring their own unique twist to the roguelike genre, offering everything from intense action to strategic planning and deep storytelling. They’re perfect for players who enjoy games that test their skills and offer new challenges with every playthrough.

Unique Gameplay and Features

  • Exploration and Adventure: Navigate a vast underwater world, from the ocean floor to ancient remnants of civilization. The map’s layout changes every time, ensuring each dive feels thrilling and new.
  • Resource Management: Drill into the ocean floor to unearth resources. These are crucial for upgrading your mech, enhancing your weapons, and extending your survival against the dangers that lurk below.
  • Combat and Customization: Engage in battles with a plethora of sea monsters. The game offers an extensive arsenal of weapons, which you can mix and match to create a build that suits your play style.
  • Meta Progression: Even after a defeat, you earn meta-currency that can be used to permanently upgrade your equipment, making you stronger for future runs.

Why Ocean Keeper Stands Out

Ocean Keeper combines the essence of rogue-like unpredictability with a rich, narrative-driven underwater adventure. It’s not just about survival; it’s about discovering the secrets of a lost world and mastering the environment. This game exemplifies the qualities that make rogue-like games so engaging and replayable.

Why Play Roguelikes on Steam?

  • Diversity: Steam’s library is vast, offering a range of rogue-likes that cater to different tastes and challenge levels.
  • Community and Support: Being part of Steam means easy access to updates, community insights, and developer interaction.


Getting Started with Roguelikes

  • Choose Your Style: From top-down shooters to complex strategy games, there’s a rogue-like for everyone.
  • Learn by Playing: Embrace the learning curve. Each defeat is a step towards mastering the game.

Rogue-like games are the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and resilience. Whether you’re battling sea monsters in Ocean Keeper or navigating other perilous realms on Steam, these games promise endless hours of fun and challenge. Dive in, adapt, and survive in the ever-evolving world of the best rogue-likes on Steam.