One of the most important tasks that you have to regularly complete in Farming Simulator is to make sure your crops and plants are well-maintained so that you can have good yields during the harvest season.

However, there are still a lot of players who commit some common mistakes that are completely avoidable, which is why in Farming Simulator 19, the newest and most exciting version of the highly-successful video gaming simulator series, maybe it would be the perfect time for you to try these simple but very effective tips in how to properly manage your crops and your entire farm so that you can easily earn money and upgrade everything in your farm especially when you play farming simulator 19 gratuit.

  1. Periodic Ploughing is important– Every third of your harvest, you should have to plow the field routinely, because this is not just an option which will take care of itself, it is completely important to regularly plow your field or your harvest will be fifteen-percent lower. You can plough certain parts in your field which are marked red on the map. If the field is plowed better, the higher yield you can have and the more money you can earn.
  2. Use lime to fertilize the field– Every third of your harvest, you should try using lime to fertilize the field effectively. Although this is an option that you can turn off with the game settings, it would be better to experience fertilizing your farm’s field by using lime. You can determine which part of your field needs some lime fertilization as it is marked with color blue on the map screen. Also, you should use lime in all the types of fields regardless if it is an expanded field or a self-developed field because if you fail to apply lime as a fertilizer, your harvest will be reduced to fifteen percent, which is the same effects of not having a period plowing.
  3. Practice weed control– By using a weeder or perhaps a weed killer spray, you can do both at any stage of the weed’s growth, however, you should do this before the harvest season or if the field is not yet planted, ploughed or cultivated so that you can completely destroy all the weed on your field. To add more, you can skip this strenuous task by turning it off in the game settings, however, it would be fun if you experience killing weeds because by not doing it, your yield will be reduced to 20-percent.
  4. Fertilization is important– One of the key factors, the soil should always be fertilized during the cultivation stage twice, or during when you sow or plant and even during the first phase of your crop’s growth. You can add more fertilizers in the second growth phase, however, before the plants are ready for harvest or find more information here.
  5. Lease some machines– In the early stages of the game, you cannot afford to purchase machines, however, you can lease them for the meantime as you save more money to buy your own eventually. They are very efficient and you can improve your harvesting with it.