You must have read or heard somewhere that elevator ads are becoming very popular in today’s scenario. Be it small business or large companies all are choosing a new method for advertisement that is elevator ads. But are they really useful? Is the money we spend on elevator ads worth it? Should I choose elevator door ads for my company? Shall I choose it over other form of ads or along with various other ads? Well your mind may have many questions but in this blog all your queries will be solved. This blog covers the basics of elevator advertising to everything so that you will be able to make a decision whether you should choose elevator door ads for your company or not.

What are elevator ads?

Elevator ads or digital lift ads is a new form of advertisement process performed by small business owners to display advertisements about their company. Elevator ads are cheaper and non-vandalisable as compared to other form of advertisement.

So now that you know the benefits of elevator ads let me now tell you its advantages.

Here are the various advantages or benefits of lift ads that you should know if you are a business owner.

  • Reduces vandalism: The Lift ads do not get vandalised as other ads. In fact, they entertain the viewer traveling in lifts.
  • Cost effective: Budget and cost are the two most important considerations that you need to make at the time of displaying ads for your business or your company. They surely are the most important factors. And trust me you just can’t spend millions buck on advertisement. Can you? So let me tell you elevator ads are very cheap and affordable. They thus can be easily utilised by small business owners who can’t spend a lot of money on advertisement.
  • Micro targeting: With the help of elevator ads you can do micro targeting at areas or places where you want to display your ads. In fact you can select with what kind of people or of what community you want to display your ads. This is really very beneficial feature of elevator door ads because it allows small business owners to be choosy. And they can target only those people who they really think would be interested in their company.
  • Continuous exposure: Unlike other mediums newspapers or magazines which get thrown in the dustbin after being read. Lift ads are kind of permanent and they provide exposure for a long period of time. You can also edit them after days or weeks if you want. Isn’t it interesting?

So let me tell you it’s up to you whether you choose lift ads for your business or not but trust me if I’m suggesting good things about it. Then it must be beneficial and you won’t regret choosing elevator ads. You can ask your friends or acquaintances about elevator ads as well if they have any experience regarding the same. This will also clear your doubts regarding elevator ads.