Many Internet users understand how important it is to worry about their own security, so they often use proxies through which they can hide their own IP address. The need for this arises if you need to get access to portals that are prohibited in the country. Also, a proxy server from is used in other cases

Varieties of proxy servers

At the moment, there are several main types of proxies.

This type supports only one protocol – this is HTTP. Such a proxy can be used to download certain pages of websites, files. Similar proxies are divided according to the level of protection:
Elite (first level). Through such a server, you can provide reliable protection and complete anonymity. But their cost is quite high.
Anonymous (second level). In this case, it is set that the proxy is being used. However, there is no access to the IP address.
Transparent (third level). It is used infrequently because the level of protection is relatively low.

A distinctive feature of this proxy is the support for the unique CONNECT method. This makes it possible to create a high-quality connection. For this, an appropriate protocol is additionally introduced into the composition.

In order to get access to a variety of applications that are on the world wide web, you can use a specially prepared SOCKS proxy server. It is often used when you need to use a special email client.
What did you need to know about proxies?
If necessary, you can use several SOCKS proxies, which are connected in a chain. This helps to increase the level of anonymity. Another distinctive feature is the lack of binding to a specific protocol. This contributes to the fact that the level of anonymity and security increases by an order of magnitude.

Before using a proxy server, you should pay attention to a few main points:

  1. Some proxies make it possible to quickly and efficiently prepare reports on the work done.
  2. All information that will be received is saved. Therefore, if necessary, you can access it again.
  3. If in the process of work, logins, passwords, etc. are entered, then they are not saved. This is important because it is quite easy for attackers to gain access to such information.

When choosing a proxy, you must be guided by the recommendations of professionals.