IT consultant

Bad Tech Decisions Set You Up to Fail

In a world fully controlled by the global online marketplace, how do we avoid bad tech decisions capable of wiping our businesses off the map? There should be no question that the digital world can...
COM Embedded Systems

A Quick Guide to SBS and COM Embedded Systems

The 21st century has witnessed tremendous growth in technology. New acronyms come up every day and can be confusing and impossible to stay up to date. There’s no mentioning technological development without a gist of...
Cloud Technology - Making Out the Best of Online Platforms

Cloud Technology – Making Out the Best of Online Platforms

Online holds Millions of connections in every part of the world. Online platforms connect each of us with one click. We can gather a lot of friends as much as we wanted. We can...
Is Your Website Slow

Is Your Website Slow? Careful, Google Can Penalize It!

Who goes slowly goes healthy and far? No, this famous proverb is not valid in the case of SEO. In fact, when it comes to website indexing, speed is everything (or almost). If you remember,...

How Carbon Fiber Made the First Mars Helicopter Possible

NASA is about to make history once again. In the near future, the space agency will launch its fourth rover, Perseverance, to the Red Planet. Its mission is twofold. First, it will collect samples...

Why is Vidmate better than other streaming apps?

Vidmate is the new entrant in the global video streaming app market. However, this app doesn’t feature on the native App store. Traditionally, all android supported apps are listed on Google Play Store, where...
mobile wallet app

Looking for an easier way to pay? Here is how you can do it! 

Every day the world becomes just a little more convenient for us. Gone are the days when one had to stand in a long queue to pay water or electricity bill. People used to...

Innovation in Print: Ricoh’s ‘Neon Revolution’

The arrival of neon inks has been a tremendous development for the print industry. The concept of ‘blacklight graphics’, and other attention-grabbing print media using these inks is now all the rage. Since these...

Restoring missed data with the most advanced applications

Data loss is mainly caused by human errors, viruses, malware attacks, and other problems that require immediate action. However, retrieving the lost data involves several steps that can help to overcome unwanted issues. A...

Five Effective Design Tips to Create Banner Advertisements

There are many ways to market your products in today’s world and banner advertisement is one of them. Banner advertisements are made under the hood of creativity, following are some basic principles that the...