Block Puzzle

Features Of Block Puzzle

Blocks puzzles are a strategy game played by 2-4 players. Each player has 21 pieces of their color. These pieces are in unique shapes and sizes, and each piece must be placed so that...

How Technology Makes Your Child Fool?

There was a time when people used to live without internet, smartphones and the social media. But now the situation is all about the use of these things. They have hugely affected life of...

9 android settings you should change right now

Number row inGboard everywhere Everyone who types fast, slows down while typing numbers. Gboard has a separate section for numbers. To get number row everywhere, go to Settings>Preferences>Enable the Number Row option. Now you’ll see the number...

Top Skills That You Need to Become a Big Data Developer

It’s the end of 2017 and the mad rush for big data analytics is still on! So if you’re looking to hone your skills then these are the best ones which will help you...

What is Gantt chart? How it reflects in project management?

Gantt is not popular among most of the people. It is the visual view that takes over scheduled timeline. The charts are planned through projects and all sizes are helpful in managing work schedules...

The Ideals of POS Framework Purchased In Restaurants

The conventional POS framework utilized by eateries has been very incapable since the start of the advanced time of online instalments and distributed computing. It isn't just about the purpose of offer which we...
Puzzle Games

Why Puzzle Games Are Popular Across The World

Puzzle games are popular for having goals, interesting layouts, plots, and so many more additional features that have increased their fan base of gamers. However, beating boredom through playing these games has been linked...

Why The Vidmate Is The Special One For The Users?

The videos and the movies are always the biggest entertainment for mobile users as they like to watch in free times. This will be the biggest stress buster in their busy schedule. So the...

How Carbon Fiber Made the First Mars Helicopter Possible

NASA is about to make history once again. In the near future, the space agency will launch its fourth rover, Perseverance, to the Red Planet. Its mission is twofold. First, it will collect samples...
IT consultant

Bad Tech Decisions Set You Up to Fail

In a world fully controlled by the global online marketplace, how do we avoid bad tech decisions capable of wiping our businesses off the map? There should be no question that the digital world can...