Number row inGboard everywhere

Everyone who types fast, slows down while typing numbers. Gboard has a separate section for numbers. To get number row everywhere, go to Settings>Preferences>Enable the Number Row option. Now you’ll see the number row every time. So, now no more long pressing or changing the section to type numbers.

Get Chrome address bar to the bottom

If you have a smartphone with big screen, it becomes hard to access the Chrome address bar while using it with one hand. To overcome this, type chrome://flags in the address bar. This will take you to the Chrome Flags page.

Tap on the three dot menu button>Find in page>search Chrome home flag and change the flag from default to enabled and tap on R

elaunch now. Now, you’ll see the address bar at the bottom of the page.

Hide sensitive content from the lock screen

Seeing messages from notifications is handy. But, there may be some personal or sensitive  information or message that you want to hide. To do this go to Settings>Notifications>Configure>Hide Sensitive Notification. Now no one can see your personal messages from the notification bar.

Get rid of new app shortcuts

Whenever we install an app in android, it automatically creates its shortcut on the home page. This messes up the home screen.To get rid of this, go to Playstore settings>Untick the ‘Add Icon To Home Screen’ option.

Speed up animations to see improved performance

To speed up your phone, first you need to enable the Developer option in your phone. Go to Settings>About Phone> and tap the Build number 7 times to enable it. Now go to Settings>Developer Options>change the Window animation scale, animation duration scale and transition animation scale. But, now also, if your phone is lagging then, it’s time to buy a new phone.

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Smart storage

This feature is helpful if you have a storage problem. This feature removes pictures and videos (that are more than 90 days old and backed up on google drive) from your storage. To enable this feature, go to Settings>Storage and enable Smart Storage.

Instant apps

Instant apps are useful as you could try an app without installing it and check whether you should install it or not. To use this feature on your Android smartphone, go to Settings>Google>Instant apps>Enable it. Now you could use some apps and they wouldn’t even use storage on your phone.But many app developers haven’t made their apps compatible with this.

Power button to launch the camera

Sometimes we need to quickly capture a picture and it seems tough to find the camera app at that time. To open the camera just by double clicking the power button, go to Settings and search for ‘Press the power button twice for camera’ option and just enable it.

Enable Autofill service

To autofill your credentials and details in any app, by the details filled in any other app or your email id, you need to enable the Autofill Service. Go to Settings>Language and Input>Autofill service and select the service you want. You would be able to autofill passwords, personal information, addresses and other details.