There are many ways to market your products in today’s world and banner advertisement is one of them. Banner advertisements are made under the hood of creativity, following are some basic principles that the designer follow to craft perfect ads.

Most importantly you have to keep your target audience in mind while crafting any design because sometimes even well-designed ads fail to grab viewer’s attention. The design principles also depend on your brand persona and the level of personalization you can apply to your advertisements.

IT companies in UAE are experts in doing banner advertisements. The banner advertising rates in Dubai may vary on the type and level of creativity you are integrating in it. Make sure your banner follows these five effective tips for designing better digital ads which could generate maximum leads for you.

Structure your banner ads properly

Most of the online advertisements are made of banners so it is important to follow a proper design structure in your banner ads. You need to get the best out of the elements by placing them in right order. Each banner ad design should have your company’s name or a logo, the value proposition, a visual representation of your services and most importantly a CTA (call-to-action) button.

Moreover, you should also make sure that the image is relevant and attractive giving room to other elements of the advertisement as well.

Relevant and bold CTA

A relevant and bold call to action button is important in your banner ads. It does two important things. Firstly, it reduces friction for the customers and secondly, it increases the click through rate of your ad. When you add a CTA button, make sure you place a visual contrast of it with other elements of the advertisement. Your CTA buttons should look like, sign up, buy now subscribe and so on.

Moreover, make the CTA button distinct and easily recognizable. Make sure its size is noticeable and it’s readable.

Choice of image

The core purpose of banner advertisement is to attract the viewer’s attention so choose your image wisely. The image can be as attractive as it could be, keeping in mind that it needs to be relevant to the ad. If you do not need an image then don’t add it and if you think a graphical imagery will work better for your ad then opt for it.

Using a good typography is another trend in ad design and custom typography can help your ads stand out. You can also use filters and graphics to photographs if it seems eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing to you. You can also use location specific imagery to target specific audiences.

The color theory

When designing any online advertisement, choice of colors need to be decided first. Each color represents a specific emotion and it is very difficult to select the perfect color combination to create a message. You can go for triads, tetrads, complimentary colors or split complimentary colors and so on, relatable to your brand personality.

More often than not, the colors used in your advertisements should be relevant to your products. For instance, green color is a good choice for natural products and purple is good for high-end products. One more important aspect is to choose the background color intelligently so that all other elements are distinguishable in your banner advertisement.

Create movement

Some advertisements contain animation or a sense of movement to a static image. Movement adds elegance to the image and are eye catching to the viewers. The more dynamic your design is the more attention it’s going to grab.

You can try including leading lines in the design as it will directly travel to a single focal point. That focal point could be in the form of tagline or an imagery. The most important factor of creating banner advertisement is to grab the attention of the viewer’s easily through intelligent designing. So make sure you don’t forget that!

Final words

To create effective yet creative banner advertisements, you should definitely keep the above mentioned design elements in mind. Most importantly, make sure it is relevant to your brand and it follows a similar pattern of your landing page. Your viewers should not feel disconnected or else it might negatively impact your marketing campaign.