It will not be very long before the Internet of Things (IoT) will become a necessity rather than a luxury. With the growing world of digital, IoT is just an impending fate of the humankind. While it may sound eerie, it undoubtedly brings us the utmost ease in carrying out routine operations in a more seamless manner than ever. Among the many companies that are working to make our lives easier with IoT-based solutions, is eSIM provider, Workz Group.

Scale of Operations

Founded by Brad Taylor and Tor Malmros back in 1997, the Dublin-based company has gained quite a lot of recognition deploying solutions that were once only a figment of our imagination. In addition to offering solutions in SIM & scratch card manufacturing, the company, ranked a top eSIM provider by BIS Research this year, also delivers future-ready IoT connectivity.

The core purpose of getting into the business of SIMs and scratch cards is to improve their quality and introduce newer ones which boast their utmost quality. Workz Group has grown exponentially in the past two decades. The rise of the digital arena during this time has also worked hand-in-hand to complement the overall growth of this company. Each year, the company delivers 1.6 billion products and solutions to its customers in over 60 countries.

Setting Itself Apart

There are several areas where Workz Group distinguishes itself. The figure mentioned above is a specimen of what this enterprise achieves by ensuring optimum quality. The company has also recently partnered with Truphone in pursuit of expanding its service and exploring new dimensions. With this, Workz Group offers remote SIM provisioning (Over-The-Air transmission needed to connect to an operator’s network) specifically for devices that are embedded SIM-enabled. This also opens doors for cellphone manufacturers who would have ample space (replaced by the SIM panel) to install another piece of tech and bump up the specs of a phone by a considerable margin. Getting rid of traditional SIM cards will also mean reducing the hassle of switching networks during travelling or taking care of those micro and nano SIMs for that matter.

Workz Group is a GSMA-accredited company. In addition to SIM cards, the company is also known as the world leader in scratch card manufacturing. In fact, Workz Group has been recognized by the Nilson Report for three years consecutively as the world number one scratch card manufacturer and one of the top 10 SIM card manufacturers.

Workz Group has had a sharp focus on research and development since its inception. They work on identifying how IoT and eSIM technology can be utilised for the benefit of the global tech industry, thereby forming novel solutions. It has been credited with creating the world’s most resistant scratch cards, seamless SIMs, and the world’s tiniest SIM OS, and most recently, one of only six eSIM providers in the world certified by the GSMA. You can learn more about their solutions through their website