There is a lot of social media platform that can help people not only for their personal purposes but also for their business and many more. Instagram is one of that software that can be used in marketing, there are millions of people who are using this software or app. Anyone who will use this app can reach many people in the world, this is good for advertisement, just like posting different updates. It can boost subscribers and even customers, and also it is good for posting.

Instagram Follower Bots and How It Works

  1. Monster Social, is an unusual Instagram follower bot tool. Some of those who have used this automation software has had a good introduction about it. Monster social was organized back in 2013 and now claims over 3K satisfied users. The great thing about this automation software is that an individual can also practice it on other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.

How it works

Auto-Follow, monster social automatically makes an individual follow particular profiles or users working all Instagram accounts. The auto-follow feature also enables a person to auto-follow profiles that have done posts lately on their Instagram feed using specific keywords and hashtags.

Auto-Unfollow, monster social is capable to perform a number of ‘unfollowing’ activities automatically for an account. The auto-unfollow feature permits users to automatically unfollow precise profiles with all their  Instagram accounts. A person can as well utilize the feature to automatically unfollow all participants or each profile that is following. Furthermore, the feature also grants a person to unfollow accounts, profiles of users that are not following back.

  1. FollowLiker is a quite a strong super adjustable, multipurpose and safe Instagram automation tool that performs it easy to automate most of their activities. The use of FollowLiker is that an individual can practice it on many social media networks as well. An individual can apply it on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. FollowLiker has all the features that persons require to build or increase their following and also better anything they need on Instagram at any time. The automation is simple to set up and will not get any tool that connects the automation of most of the general social media activities.

How it works

Auto-Follow Users, This feature on FollowLiker permits a person to automatically track users or user’s discussing a particular topic. Additionally, Auto-follow users can also watch Instagram users who have followed them. The feature can also base on the place to get users on Instagram on whom they can automatically follow.

Auto-Unfollow users, FollowLiker makes a person unfollow users automatically. The feature unfollows those users that do follow back automatically several days after following them. They can also apply this feature to whitelist all users that they need to unfollow and then do the following ratio to unfollow them.

Auto-Posting, FollowLiker has a piece that can automatically create a post for them. This piece keeps most of their time, particularly if doing other exercises outside Instagram. Auto-posting also holds a person to be involved throughout the day when they are not even online.