Vidmate is the new entrant in the global video streaming app market. However, this app doesn’t feature on the native App store. Traditionally, all android supported apps are listed on Google Play Store, where you can download these apps free of cost. However, it requires you to have a Google account. Vidmate is available through their official website. It can be downloaded free of cost. The users also don’t have to register their account in the website, so any person can use the website to download the Vidmate app. The app is also quite easy to install, and with just a few touches, you’ll be good to go.

Vidmate offers its users numerous perks that aren’t available to the users of its competitors. Any Vidmate user has the ability to download unlimited offline videos into their device. And with over thousands of videos to view from, users are often spoilt for choice. Vidmate App offers its users fast and secure downloads. Most of its other competitors have many users, which clogs the overall bandwidth available to the users. That is why people are often seen waiting while their video buffers. However, with Vidmate, buffering isn’t anproblem as the app provides a fast connection to all its users. Users also get to choose the format in which they want to download the video. Traditionally, all videos are available in 360,480 and 1080 ppi, but many videos are available in various other formats also.
The app’s size is quite small. Compared to its competitors that run a heavy, bloated app, Vidmate’s size is jst 11MB large. The providing website provides its users with fast connections, so you can download the file faster when even on a slow internet.

Any person who can’t have a wifi connection all day must use this app. They can easily download the videos they want to watch later. After viewing the video, the user can share it with their friends through Whatsapp or other messaging platforms. Or they can choose to delete the video to create space to download other videos as Vidmate offers unlimited free downloads.

The app’s videos are fun, entertaining and the collection boasts of many thousand songs. With a very user friendly UI, the app is quite easy to use and has a smooth flow. It hardly lags in any of the old devices. With a small size and no harmful viruses, this app makes sure your phone works smoothly. A user can also protect all their downloadable through passcode. Vidmate also allows its users to live stream through the phone’s app. So you can also share your live feed with your followers while talking to them in real time. This is also quite beneficial for getting feedback from large audiences in a small time.

Overall, Vidmate is a very secure app that downloads its content from trusted sources. Many times, people downloads viruses and malwares into their phones while trying to download app or a song, but Vidmate is 100% secure and offers its users ultimate safety and security of data.