It’s the end of 2017 and the mad rush for big data analytics is still on! So if you’re looking to hone your skills then these are the best ones which will help you to land a lucrative job in big data analytics.

  • Entering into the massive field of big data needs the basic skillsets such as problem solving attitude. This new technology is evolving a lot all the time so every day is different. This needs a mind with an ability to tackle problems and working with several tools and techniques. This should be your forte.
  • The magic of big data is that it comes in various forms which can be really tough to understand. Therefore, you need the skill called data visualization in order to do the analysis for the amount of data based on their diversity and quantity for any kind of business necessities. You must know the usage of data visualization tools such as Tableau and d3.js. This helps in revealing the minute details which offers great insights for a successful business growth. The knowledge of data visualization tools is one of the top skills. There are various big data certificationsavailable if you need to brush up this skill.
  • Machine learning is another essential skill for any big data developer as it helps in producing models rapidly to analyze the complicated data sets and deliver fast results easily. This also helps in creating precise models which offer a better opportunity of recognizing the better chances for success.
  • Data mining is one of the essential skills for big data developers. There’s always a huge chunk of unstructured data available and to derive insights from it data mining is crucial. This helps to sift through all the useless information in the data and decide what is actually relevant and make use of that important information to forecast about outcomes.
  • Boost up your statistical knowledge as soon as possible by taking big data classes if you’re interested in the career of big data developer. A lot of big data certifications can help you to build that knowledge. You have to understand the underlying process and you have to gain more knowledge on it constantly. You can learn so many things in this realm and this will be of great help while making big assumptions and conclusions about what’s really going on.
  • Knowledge of a programming language can be of great help in order to become a data scientist. Enroll for the top big data certifications to learn this skill. This would help you take the huge chunks of data sets and process them in a faster way. Some of the most popular languages that you should learn are Python or R.
  • Curiosity is the most important factor if you want to continue your learning in the long run. This will keep you agile and help you to ask the right questions whenever you’re amongst a new set of data. Know things that may surprise you and can change your whole point of understanding about a problem.
  • The deep knowledge of Apache Hadoop is essential and it’s completely indispensable for Big Data. Get the big data classes of the core components of Hadoop and related technology including Flume, Hive, HBase and HDFS.