The arrival of neon inks has been a tremendous development for the print industry. The concept of ‘blacklight graphics’, and other attention-grabbing print media using these inks is now all the rage. Since these are solvent based fluorescent inks, they can also mix with other colours in order to give a ‘glow’ to them, enhancing their visibility. Needless to say, this finds a lot of use in the entertainment industry – be it casinos, night clubs, special events, sporting venues and so on.

Your business can utilise the full potential of neon with Ricoh’s products, namely the Ricoh Pro C7100X production printer. It can enhance branding, safety applications, packaging, retail or promotions. Neon yellow and pink toners are already available in the market for immediate use.

What makes Ricoh’s printer distinct is its ability to get a vibrant neon shade in one pass, reducing drying time and minimising labour. It enhances images and can be used as a solid, mixed, highlight or graphic colour on the substrate of your choice.
C7100X’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology emits 40 laser beams simultaneously. This gives crystal clear images up to 1200×4800 dpi, and perfect registration in duplex printing.

These features naturally augment your market share by improving brand awareness, and enhancing your portfolio.
Here’s another look at some key features of our printer:

  • 5-colour printing – CMYK + Neon Yellow or White or Clear toner, for value-added applications such as spot gloss, flood and watermarks
  • Advanced toner transfer technology for superior transferability on coated or uncoated (including textured or transparent) media
  • Versatile paper handling supports paper weight from 52.3-360 gsm and size up to 13”x27.55” (banner sheet printing)
  • Liquid cooling system for maximised uptime and long operating hours