This rule was to be complied with by all fleet managers and truckers by December 18th 2017. Trucks without an ELDs that are commercial fleets are going to be declared out of service from April 1st 2018. The only exceptions are the AutomaticOnboard Recording Device or AOBRD. These devices are to be allowed till December 16th 2019.

With the limited time you would hardly get any chances of evaluating the technical details and the essential features of the device. Let alone to select the best ELD device based on its being thoroughly compliant and that fulfils the specific requirement of your fleet management procedure.

The price of the best and most effective ELD would inevitably increase with the deadline gone. Further, the most efficient devices have already been purchased by the top trucking companies. Even then, there is enough hope for the rest of the fleet managers and truckers.

Fleet is a group of vehicles which is owned or leased by enterprises or other business institutes to deliver goods from one place to another. One aspect of fleet tracking is monitoring and checking the hours of services of the drivers and the vehicles that are owned or leased by an organization. As a fleet operator, it is of great importance to know when and how the vehicles are driven on the roads during duty hours.

It is the fleet tracking solutions that have made tracking and locating vehicles and their status in addition to the violations that hinder the smooth journey of the same. The function of ELD support does not end here. It offers protection to the vehicle and the shipment too.

  • An efficient ELD gives an alert regarding any critical issues of the vehicle before the problem turns into a major issue.
  • If the concerned vehicle meets with an accident, the ELD automatically keeps all records for insurance purposes.
  • The driver can easily get quick roadside assistance at the time of emergencies. One can improve the efficiency of the vehicle by following the proffered help.
  • High quality ELD automatically monitors vehicle’s speed so that the driver can control the speed.
  • Devices supplied by ELD Mandate are thoroughly FMCSA compliant.
  • The company offers the cheapest ELD solutions with a minimal monthly license fee.
  • The best ELD devices reduce audit times, pass through inspections, and nullify violations by prior notification.
  • The efficient ELDs make the task of tracking lucid with HOS visibility and real-time vehicle tracking.
  • ELD Mandate has professionals ready to help the drivers at all hours with any issue that might crops up.