The surveillance system is being installed at most of the places like on the roads, near the front door of your house in shops, in schools, in classrooms and almost everywhere to ensure the security of the place. To run these systems, Video management software (VMS) is used. They are mainly designed to manage recording setting and camera. You can get the feed of multiple cameras and can set their motion direction through the help of VMS. If you are planning to install the surveillance system you can take the service of Qognify. They are best ones to provide you after installation services. The surveillance based on IP is connected through thousands of cameras communicating through the IP network.

What you should look for while purchasing VMS?

Ease to use

If you require the professionals who are trained formally to run the video management system then that means it is not easy to use. The software which is easy to use enables the users to learn quickly as they start to explore.

 Video Analytics

This feature is best for the business where you need not to have any security guard sitting in front of the camera all the time. The use of this software in your system helps to monitor the video for all 24 hours and saves your time. In case if something happens you will just need to watch the recording of your camera.

Smart search

This is the feature in the software wherein you can detect the recorded video. This feature adds to your software and helps you to easily search the activity that is set in your settings, this helps to save your time.


There are many adjustable features in this device like you can reduce the image size or can compress the video according to frame rate in case you want many videos to run at a time on your screen.

Motion recording

Some of the VMS instead of recording continuously to the same point reduce the amount of data to be recorded by being in motion and recording the nearby areas. The camera placed can easily detect the motion.

Pan title zoon control

VMS has the ability to control the PTZ cameras which can be controlled by the remote. You can zoom the video or can rotate it to different angles. This helps you to monitor the large areas and can provide the detailed view of that specific area.