Hair shedding by pets is a common nuisance in most households. Roomba offers high-quality and effective robots for smoothening hair shedding in pets. Roomba hair cleaners come in multiple choices highlighted by great features like motors and suction systems. Roomba is known for the creation of the best robot vacuums for pet hair, which though expensive offer real value for money.  Get to discover the right robot hair vacuum with this ultimate guide covering everything about ‘what is the best Roomba for pet hair?’

Roomba S9+—Ideal for Bigger Homes

The Roomba S9+ is a technologically-advanced robot vacuum that boasts a powerful motor, smart D-shaped design, advanced navigation technology, and amazing performance. Its motor is designed so powerfully such that it outperforms most of the other models.  It’s good to realize that the Roomba S9+ includes the luxury iRobot’s Clean Base, which lets it self-dispose about 30 cleans with no need for manual triggering.  This robot vacuum comes without self disposal, but you can buy it together with other units.

Roomba i7+—Ideal for Bigger homes with Carpets

The Roomba i7+ is the latest and most cutting-edge robot vacuum, which stands out as the first iRobot’s vacuum cleaner to have the self-dispose with Clean Base feature.  It looks and works similarly to the iRobot s9+ but has a D-shaped design and a more powerful motor. The self disposal technology isn’t built-in in the i7+, though, so you have to buy it together with the unit. Experts recommend the i7+ to bigger households with carpets as it packs the features you need to ease pet hair cleaning.

The Roomba 960—the smartest of All

The Roomba 960 packs the smartest and greatest of iRobot software and hardware alongside amazing features. Unfortunately, the motor is weaker and lacks advanced navigation technology with other Roomba models.  The unit uses smart VSLAM and mapping to customize the cleaning schedules and routes.  Good enough, the unit is priced affordably to match its available features and technology.  The price appears high until you have the unit at home clearing those irritating pet hairs, so it’s time you made the move to secure one for your family.

The Roomba E5—the Smartest and Budget-Friendly Choice

The Roomba E5 is designed to be used in smaller households with hard floors, thanks to its simple design and quality feature access.  It’s only the only Roomba pet hair removal unit with Wi-Fi capability, allowing for easy connection to the iRobot home app. Do not buy this unit is you want high-end navigation technology and self-disposal capabilities since you won’t get. It’s a budget-friendly unit highly recommended for smaller households without excess cleaning needs.