It might be possible that one thing that your business has not taken under consideration is encrypted messaging. You should know what encrypted messaging refers to. It’s a kind of form of encryption that applies to your text messaging services on the messages and files you send with the help of SMS or MMS to keep the information secure.

So, we are here with a small depiction of the encrypted apps that can be used for business communication.

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A messenger app that offers the combination of your dual app where your voice messages are encrypted as well as encrypted texting is done. You not only get the complete end-to-end encrypted message service alongside this, but this app also keeps its source code available for the inspection. However, it hides all the information of a message sender.


Here you also get a combo voice and messaging and texting, Adeya is a free application for start to end-to-end encrypted message and call. You can utilise your phone number to make and receive encrypted calls.


After a high demand for encrypted chat apps, Viber has come up with this feature where people are able to enjoy encrypted texting, group chat, voice, and video calls. All the data is encrypted and it’s a free app that offers a high level of security to its users. In order to hide the messages, Viber offers a feature hidden chats with PIN access when you are on a shared device.


Telegram falls under the category of the most secured apps. If you are a beginner, you can use a secret mode where you have an option to keep your messages to self-destruct. You have the opportunity to share unlimited pictures, videos, and files. It’s cloud-based and allows you to sync your chat between various devices that means you can access the features on any device whenever you login. You get end-to-end encrypted message functionality with this app.


WhatsApp stands on the top of the most secure encrypted chat apps and here you can take the benefit of group chat, free voice, and video calls, alongside this, you can appreciate the short video and voice messages. Also, you are able to get the encrypted message and data sharing. It also gives you a chance to check every chat’s security verification code and now Android users are able to access fingerprint verification and it has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe and makes this more popular.

So there are various apps available online that offer end-to-end encryption and make sure that your data or the information you sent can’t be viewed by anyone without keys. Not even a client is able to collect your information or store your data on its server.