Acrylic sheets are an extremely versatile material that can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s known to be cost-effective, damage-resistant, and moldable, which is why it happens to be a top picked item for many projects in several industries.

A plastic bending machine can be used in building and construction, plastic and metal fabrication, signage, commercial and structural deglazing, etc. There are also many advanced

plastic bending machines available today that can help you meet your project requirements in no time.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few different types of edge polishing techniques you can use to create your desired products.

Types of Edge Polishing

Saw Cut Edge

This is the most standard form of edge finishing for acrylic sheets. It’s chip-free and doesn’t require polishing if the edge is engaged.

Flame Polishing

In flame polishing, the edges of the sheet are milled before they’re passed through an 800° F flame. It’s ideal for a typical acrylic application on tabletops and other such things.

Milled Edge Polishing

Milled edge polishing requires running the acrylic through a high-speed joiner to get a frosted look on the edges in order to achieve a modern look.

Machine Polishing

Machine polishing is a low-cost option that’s meant for easy and effortless polishing for thicker acrylic sheets. You can consider an edge polishing machine for a variety of different purposes and there is a range of different types.

Final Words

It’s important to keep certain precautions in mind when you’re involved in the process of edge polishing. Remember to avoid excessive heat buildup because too much exposure to heat can induce stress into the acrylic and eventually lead to crazing.

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