Internet is a part and parcel of our everyday life. Can we think of even a single day without internet? Now we can’t. Even during the last part of the 20th century internet was only available to the citizens of western countries. In the 21st century, the scenario has changed a lot. Now you won’t be surprised if you find internet connection in a village of a third world country. Websites are the engines of internet. No matter what you want to do through internet, we need to get the help of websites. If we want to know some valuable information or download a song, we have type the URL of a website and then the browser redirects us to the pages where we can get our jobs done. Things weren’t as simple as today at the early days. Only a limited amount of people knew what internet was. But now it is not possible to find someone without that information.

However, the main purpose behind this discussion is, as we have developed so much, can’t we expect the internet users to understand the key concepts of websites and internet? I am sure anyone will answer affirmative to this question. But the reality is very cruel. Do you know that most of the internet users of today don’t know the different between domain registration and web hosting? This is a great shame to us. At least this information should be known by all the internet users. It is because we have started to treat internet as our way of recreation, not a medium to learn something. I am not telling that nobody learns anything from internet, I am indicating towards the amount of people who use internet for just recreation. In this article I would like discuss the difference between domain registration and web hosting.

Domain Registration

When we visit websites, we have to write a particular web address in the address bar to visit a website. That is called domain. Like, “” is an example of domain name. There are different kinds of domain names:  .com, .org, .info, .edu and many more. For registering a domain, you need to purchase a domain name from a service provider. This is where people get confused between web hosting and domain registration. There are companies that offer both web hosting and domain registration services. If a website’s domain and hosting service both is purchased from one single service provider, then many people won’t be able to differentiate domain registration and web hosting. These are two different services, but can be provided by a hosting company. For purchasing a domain name, the customer has to suggest a unique name. Domain names that already exist can’t be taken. After purchasing the domain name, the website owner can place his/her website under this name. That means, only the name in the web address is called the domain name and registering that is called domain registration.

Web Hosting

Each and every website has some content. If we visit a websites, we are able to see the contents of the website. Now the question is, “Where these contents are from?” The answer lies under the definition of web hosting. Web hosting enables the website owner to have the online space he needs to keep the contents and pages of his/her website. All the contents and pages we see on internet are stored in online disk spaces powered by servers. This is called web hosting,to “host” the website. Bandwidth is another important element of web hosting. There are various types of web hosting available. Cloud hosting is the newest addition to the web hosting world.


I hope now you understand the difference between web hosting and domain registration. It is pretty odd that most people don’t know the difference. However, both web hosting and domain registration is being advanced. Lots of companies have appeared in this business in the 21st century. From the present scenario, it can easily be understood that web hosting business will become one of the biggest business areas in next few years. Such advancement in technology is really appreciable and we are blessed by it.

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