Floods have been more common due to extreme weather changes around the world and cause great loss of human life, economy and properties. It is not possible to stop floodwater from entering your residence and business places. This flood water causes damage to the structure and personal belongings, which get severe if flood water remains standing for a few days. Water damages everything very quickly.

It is important that you call for help for the removal and restoration after floodwater damage without wasting any time. Many companies provide complete flood services cleaning up, removal of water, drying out and restoration of your house and workplace both. They also work with your insurance adjuster during the whole project. 

Flood damage is a traumatic and terrible situation that is not easy to see happening to your home or office. You need to go back to your normal life as soon as possible. The professionals know this and do the repairing and restoration job to your satisfaction. 

Service Restore has skilled, licensed and experienced technicians and professionals to deal with the flood water situations of every size and severity. This is your one-stop solution and able to give you a complete package of restoration of your building. Our main concern is to restore your place in a timely and appropriate manner which you can easily afford.

First of all, complete water removal is required on an emergency basis to prevent disastrous consequences to your home. Water quickly seeps into cracks and crawl spaces creating dampness which not only help in building mould and mildew growth and weaken the structure in many ways. 

Flood water is of three types and contains different types of water. 

  1. When the water source is from inside the house from the leakage or bursting of clean water supply lines, malfunctioning of electrical appliances, bathroom or kitchen fixtures and rain.
  2. Water from sewage backup or blocked drainage contains raw waste and contaminated water. It is health risks and contains chemicals, bacteria and virus and called greywater.
  3. Flood water due to heavy rain, storm, melted snow or hurricanes contain debris, soil, raw waste material and contaminated water with microbes causing serious health issues and even death. This is called black water. 

The cleaning up of floodwater should be done using safety gear and safe cleaning agents and protect them from transferring the contamination of the skin and mouth. 

These flood clean up professionals are well-equipped with proper safety gear, tools, cleaning agents and training to remove the contaminated water, debris and waste material effectively and safely. It is crucial to remove contaminated floodwater from the surface and things completely using wet vacuums and water pumps in sewage lines. 

Air humidifiers and circulating fans are used to eliminate dampness from the atmosphere.

Clean, sanitize and deodorize the surface, carpets and salvageable objects professionally by qualified contractors. 

Discard and throw away contaminated rugs, wooden materials, insulating materials, upholstery, paper and food. The contaminated wallboard material should be removed and replaced. 

Air ducts and air filters must be cleaned and disposed of. 

After sanitizing use moisture meter to check if any moisture is left in area for satisfaction.