There was a time when people used to live without internet, smartphones and the social media. But now the situation is all about the use of these things. They have hugely affected life of every person on this planet. More than 5 billion people are using social media sites. Internet is being provided even in the distant and the most impoverished areas.

The phenomenon has changed the world. People have become more dependent on technology than ever. Most of the people around us have smartphones which do the purpose of a computer. Our lives have improved to a great extent. But the widespread use of technology has made us fool. People have become addicted to the screen. Teens and kids are not behind in this race.

In this post, we will talk about how technology is fooling the kids and teens. They have an immature brain which doesn’t help them decide better about their future and the repercussions of technology.

The Internet Use Getting Out of Hand

The internet is the most powerful tool when it comes to revolutionizing the world. We cannot do anything without the internet. Nowadays, whenever there is an internet breakdown, the people feel helpless. It becomes the hottest news in the town. The whole world waits for its recovery.

It has affected the teens and has urged them to use the smartphones, social media, dating sites and other websites in an addictive way. Teens use the internet for social sites where they meet new people and start dating them. They waste their time, get harmful effects and destroy their lives.

Smartphone Addiction is Dangerous

The use of smartphones has increased in the past few years. Now, the kids of 5 or 6 want to have the latest version of iPhone because this is what their peers do. Using phones in an addictive fashion is more dangerous than the internet addiction.

There are serious side effects of using smartphones this way. Most of the phones release radiations which are dangerous for the kids. Teens believe they have found something for entertainment in form of the smartphones but they feel themselves. They become careless about their studies and waste a huge chunk of their time on useless stuff.

Use of Social Media and Dating Apps

Among these all, the social media and dating sites are also really popular among the teens and kids. Majority of the teens and kids use different social sites. They also have accounts on the dating apps and websites. Social media causes bullying, sexting and such other disorders. More than 50% American teens have been bullied on Facebook.

It doesn’t stop here. Rather the use of dating apps has damaged the lives of teens in more serious ways. On these sites, the teens start dating their matches. They do sexting, share nude body images and get blackmailed. They believe they are enjoying but they don’t know how technology is making them fools.

Way Forward for Parents

Parents are extremely worried with this situation. There was a time when parenting was easy. But now it should be done digitally. Yes, the parents need to control the internet, smartphone and social media use of their children. It is the only way to prevent effects and harms of technology in your kids.

Most of the executives working in Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies don’t allow their children to use the social media and even smartphones. Other parents should also follow this trend if they want to save their children and protect them. Use of android spyware app in this regard will be quite helpful.

Parents can track their kids online. The phone use should be monitored. Social media should be under supervision. Parents must restrict adult and porn sites along with dating apps. A good spy app will do all these jobs in the best manner.


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