With the growth in internet users in Thailand and endless flow of streaming data everyday, most of the Thai organizations need huge data storage and computer performance to help them out. To do subcontracting with cloud computing companies seems like the only way to save their time and actually save their cost instead of trying to set up data teams by themselves or even asking for help from their IT team while the team is already super busy with other IT problems within the organization. This is why cloud server Thailand plays a significant role in the data storage market in Thailand.

Having a cloud server service as an outsource is more important than ever before for the organization in this digital transformation era. This will not just support you with the bigger data storage only but also gives you the protection for data security which is one of the things that you need to concern the most once your business steps into the cloud world. It also allows your business to have scalability to expand quickly once it grows.

There are many cloud providers in Thailand nowadays, both local companies and global companies. As the competition is going up in this market, the quality of the service and the price is getting much better as well. So you can select the company that suits your business requirement the most.

If you are looking for cloud server service in Thailand, then, take a look at the list below and see which one may suit your needs the most!

List of Cloud Server Service in Thailand

Here is a list of cloud server services in Thailand, both global brands and local brands.

  • Cloud HM
    • Website: https://www.cloudhm.co.th/
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloudhmco/
  • Huawei Cloud
    • Website: activity.huaweicloud.com
    • FB Page: facebook.com/HuaweiCloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
    • Cloud Server: Cloud Server Packages from Alibaba
    • Website: alibabacloud.com
    • FB Page: facebook.com/alibabacloud
  • IBM
    • Website: ibm.com
    • FB Page: facebook.com/alibabacloud
  • Ready Cloud
    • Website: readyidc.com
    • FB Page: facebook.com/ReadyId
  • Vhostweb
    • Website: vhostweb
    • Contact: 061-123-3390, Vhostweb’s Line
  • Vpshispeed
    • Website: vpshispeed.com
    • Facebook: facebook.com/vandweb.com.Global
    • Contact: [email protected]
  • Nipa Cloud
    • Location: Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Website: nipa.cloud
    • Facebook: facebook.com/nipacloud
    • Contact: [email protected] or 02-107-8251 ext. 444, 416, 417
  • IC
    • Location: Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand
    • Website: ic-myhost.com
    • Facebook: facebook.com/ICMyHostFanClub
    • Contact: 082-263-8558 or 086-308-3669
  • Kirz
    • Location: Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Website: kirz.com
    • Facebook: facebook.com/KIRZThailand
    • Contact: [email protected] 02-770-9700 Ext. 2020

On the list including both global and local brands for cloud server services in Thailand which can be found further information about their cloud servers easily on the websites. Some of them have already described the details of each product/package and also the prices they offer. You can look around and compare them to find which ones have good offers for you before asking for a free trial to try out and decide which one is the best for your organization!