The success of a mobile app depends on a couple of things, its development and marketing is one of them. If you are a programmer or an app developer with sound knowledge of programming languages with technical bent of mind, you can definitely start mobile app development.

Before going into this field, it is imperative at your part to have some knowledge of application development. Moreover, you need to take care of pitfalls otherwise; you will end up paying high prices for your mistakes. Here are a couple of the mistakes that you need to avoid in order to achieve success.

Including more features than required

Most of the app developers think that if they include, as much features as they can, then it will become an instant hit. However, on the other hand, this is not the right approach because users will find the app difficult to understand and navigate. They will not be able to understand whether this app can serve their requirements or not. According to a report, users take only 20 seconds to decide about the app.

This is the time to create interest in app by making it simple and specific. That is why it is imperative to understand the purpose of developing app. Include only those features, which are necessary and object-oriented. If you want to add more features to your app, then you can later add them, but do not add too much features at the time of launch. This will help you avoid complications.

Developing for multiple platforms

elegant media srilanka suggests not to build application for multiple platforms in the beginning. Rather you need to concentrate on developing an application for one platform and then you can develop it for more. This is because if you have to do changes in your app then, you have to makeit for every platform. This will take your time and money. It is recommended to develop and release it for one platform and then you can release it for other platforms. You can go through the elegant media reviews online.


Mobile application developers need to be flexible enough so that they can include upgrades. Remember that upgrading is a continuous process and every developer has to do it to ensure that the application is working properly. In absence of this, app will become unusable for some time.