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Whether it’s for an official hospital website or your personal practice’s online platform, creating the perfect physician directory is crucial to the success of the site. Aside from being the most viewed page on any hospital website, it also allows the patient to get a better view of your health system while using it as their conversion vehicle.

You might think that creating your online physician directory is pretty standard, but some key factors can help make it stand out. So whether you are creating one for the first time or revising your existing one, be sure to avoid these seven common mistakes so you can achieve more and better patient acquisition.

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  • Incorrect Tool name

Some people like to be extravagant when creating their websites and sometimes it gets a little out of control, especially when we’re dealing with a professional medical one. One of the most common mistakes when creating a directory is to name it other than what it is supposed to do. Remember the goal of the website as well as each feature it has before naming it something out of the ordinary. If you’re setting up a physician directory, give it a “Find A Doctor” label,so it’s simple and easy to understand.

  • Search Requirement

Not all of your patients are techsavvy, so you need to make your website function as simple as it can without being too boring and child-like. Don’t give your patients a hard time when what they’re after are simple, common things. Instead, provide what you can in a more effective and user-friendly manner.

  • No Individual “Bio” Pages

“Bio” pages are crucial for a healthcare website directory as it allows the patient to learn more about who they are about to trust when it comes to their health concerns. However, some establishments forget to take the time in introducing their physicians well enough and only stick to having a photo, a name, and a license number. This is a huge letdown for your online patients as the reason they’re looking up for this information is that they want to know their physician.

  • Missing “About” Page

In conjunction with the “Bio” page, “About” pages are also extremely important. It helps patients get to know their healthcare provider even more which will eventually affect their healthcare buying decision. For this, make the information extensive and fill it with facts, photos, relevant imaging,and documentation so that the patient becomes familiar with their future doctor.

  • Broad Or Specific Search Filters

Stop the use of deep medical terms and stick to everyday language for your website or physician directory. This makes the search easier and quicker for the patients.You can get help from local SEO specialists from Result Driven SEO to optimize your search filters.

  • Poor Quality Images

It’s a professional site, so make sure that all the images you use are of high-quality and competent. Don’t use photos taken from smartphones or tablets as these usually produce lower resolution photos.

  • No Way To Contact

It’s an online physician directory, so make sure that there is a way for them to get in touch with the management if not the physician himself.

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Final Word

Having a website or an online physician directory is more than showing off. It needs to provide patients the way of learning about and contacting their physician with as much ease as possible. Make sure to review your current directory and see if you’ve avoided these common mistakes.