Following the success of Total War: Warhammer and the Total War: Warhammer 2 and the spin-off Total War: Thrones of Britannia last year, Creative Assembly, generals behind amassing huge armies from fantasy to history is poised to announce the Downloadable Content (DLC) plans as well as mod tools and other future plans for its newest China-centric Total War game, the Total War: Three Kingdoms which recently released earlier this month for PC and Mac.

Unlike the Total War: Warhammer franchise where you get to play as Karl Franz of the Empire of Men or the hordes of Green Skin orcs, and even the army of the undead of the Vampire Counts, Creative Assembly takes us back to what rich-history China can offer to us particularly during the Three Kingdoms period between 220-280 AD where you can take control of the games’ twelve playable factions which similarly have the same gaming mechanics as the previous Total War franchises. The goal of the game is to defeat your enemies, enrich your allies and dominate or unify entire China and become its ultimate ruler.

You can choose between warring leaders which include the infamous Cao Cao, the heroes of the rebellion Liu Bei and Sun Jian. The Total War: Three Kingdoms was hailed as the best Real Time Strategy (RTS) game from gaming critiques, this retained the conventional total war feels and controls as you can lay siege to your opponents, command vast number of infantry and cavalry units at the same time learn about the Chinese dynasty history among the states of Wei, Wu, and Shu and witness the crumbling Han dynasty which was described by the historians as the bloodiest history of China.

Because of the praises and the successful launching, the Total War: Three Kingdoms’ developer Creative Assembly revealed that they have a lot of launch plans which includes different and exciting DLC packs as well as assembly kits for players who want to expand their creativity and gaming workshop skills that they want to share to everyone in the Total War community.

So far, the Yellow Turban Rebellion is the latest DLC that you can add on to the main game. A lot of players are waiting when will Creative Assembly will launch the blood and gore DLC pack which adds a more realistic battle scenario seeing those blood and violence that RTS gamers totally love which will sure to have total war three kingdoms download more.

Also, Creative Assembly announced that the chapter packs will let players explore a more immersive storyline of the game where they can enjoy the Romance of the Three Kingdoms by starting with new positions, events as well as heroes while some main characters from the main campaign will be appearing as well.

Knowing that the entire campaign map is huge and vast, you will be playing hours and hours of campaign and conquering a region and a province will not be easy as the AI is wiser and more intelligent according to Creative Assembly executives, also you have to spend more minutes in dipping into various historical events, conquering historical landmarks, as well as deal with different scenarios, obstacles and political issues within your faction and other factions at the same time,signs pact with other factions, trade agreements and alliances which are all signs of the Total War series. Check additional info if you want to know more about the Total War: Three Kingdoms.