It’s the time of the year again. Perhaps, it’s the only time when you’d consider buying your child a new gadget. Even if it’s for school, chances are your child would welcome it. It’s possible your child already has the essentials. This includes a smartphone and portable power. Likewise, a laptop or tablet depending on age. So, what else can you get for your child? Moreover, what can you get to help them with their studies? We offer a list of back to school tech gadgets every child’s backpack should have.

Your Child Still Needs the Basic

Even if your child’s smartphone has a calculator app, using the gadget in class isn’t allowed. Thus, a calculator is still necessary. Bear in mind, it would be hard to answer a quadratic equation without it.

Your Child Needs Additional Memory

Limited use of paper extends to the classroom. Thus, chances are your child’s homework might be in digital format. Equip him or her with a flash drive. If your child needs substantial storage space, then opt for a portable hard drive. Look for a USB 3.0 for faster file transfers. Visit website for more discounts on portable memory devices.

Your Child Can Use a Software Subscription

Give your child subscriptions to essential productivity software like Dropbox. Microsoft Office 365 is another option unless you opt for an open source application such as Openoffice. Even so, these tools can help your child manage homework and digital files. Likewise, you can get several subscriptions to digital entertainment services. Although Spotify and Netflix might not have anything to do with school, it’s a great way to relax after homework. Plus, you can use it too.

Your Child’s Gadgets Need Proper Protection

Even if you make your child swear, the chance of any of their gadgets getting scratched or thrown into the backpack without protection is high. Since you paid a lot for the gadgets, then you might as well get the appropriate cases. Laptop backpacks now come in a variety of styles. So, your teenager can get one to suit his or her style. If your child carries a tablet then you get a protective case to minimize scratches. Visit website for more discounts on carrying cases.

By getting the right gadgets for your child, you’re teaching them a lesson on the value of technology to their future. Hence, they’ll be able to make the most of it to boost their education.