All the people want to download and enjoy the videos. Side by side they also want to save their precious time as well. Any type of content like the music, videos and movies in all the available formats can be very easily downloaded now. People use many apps for such purposes.

Sometimes, the hosts add some restrictions regarding the downloading of the content from internet. They require some fixed and particular apps to download the content. For such uses there are a large number of applications available online. The most common have been mentioned as:

  • The Tubemate: this app is very much interesting and helps the users to download the content from almost all the websites and sources. One can also save the social media status of the people using this application. One can also download the multiple videos at a time and even conversion from audio to video can be done suing this app. There is a column of trending videos and they can be very easily downloaded from there using this app.
  • The Free Downloader of Videos: this app allows the user to download and resume that download at anytime. The app has great user interface which makes it easy to use. There is no need to open and check the app time and again as the content which is downloaded will be there in the gallery only. The app has similar features like all but the quality of downloads is too good.
  • The Vidmate: Vidmate apk download provides the best videos at absolutely no costs to the users. One can download not only videos using this but bulky movies can also be downloaded using this application. The app provides great speed of downloads and there is another option to prevent the content from other people by using some secret pass code. The app also provides the feature of live TV streaming as well which is another reason for its popularity.
  • The Advanced Download Manager: this app helps the user to download the content from the browser which is in use at that time. One can download multiple files as well. The app claims to provide 9 times faster speed as compared to all the other applications which are similar to it. This is very easy to use even for the first timers.
  • The Download Manager: the main thing is that this app is not supported by all social media platforms still the app has some great features. One can download multiple videos using this app and the most attractive feature of this app is to play, pause and resume the video whenever one wants. The files get saved automatically and all such transactions are provided full safety from malwares.

All the above apps are best available on 9Apps and help in achieving the same goal. The selection of the app will depend upon the requirements of the users. The basic downloading features are provided by all the apps but they differ in some of the great features provided by some of the apps.