Smartphones and its applications have helped users to perform various activities like listening to music and taking notes etc. However, one cannot download content especially videos using the stock apps which come inbuilt within a smart device. Developers therefore created several video downloading applications which help users to save videos on their smart devices which then can be watched on the go. There are numerous apps on the internet which can provide such services which can be installed using their Apk versions, for example, Vidmate Apk download.

Best 5 video downloading applications on the internet are as follows:

Video downloader:

One of the most highly rated video downloading applications on the internet, Video downloader has an inbuilt feature which automatically identifies the type and resolution of the video which is available on a particular website. The application renders the download link for the video and then notifies the user to select the best option among them. The app is completely free from any kinds of advertisements and has its own media player and file manager.


Snaptube is another type of video downloading application which has a user-friendly interface which can be easily operated and understood by a first time user. The application enables a user to search for their favorite videos and other multimedia content using the inbuilt browser and search bar. Users can pause and resume downloads without interrupting the progress of downloads. Any video of any format and size can be downloaded using this application. The application also has an inbuilt feature to add subtitles to the downloaded videos.


It is one the most flexible video downloading application on the internet which enables its user to create playlists for proper management and organization of downloaded videos and content. One can move a video from one playlist to another and can directly transfer the videos from inbuilt storage menu to the smartphone’s camera roll or gallery for better access. Users can even use their advanced security feature which allows users to set up a password for his/her private files.

Free MP4 downloader:

Like any other type of video downloading applications, Free MP4 downloader allows its user to download MP4 videos from any website directly on their smartphones and devices. Any type of video can be downloaded and saved, which can be watched on the go using inbuilt media player. All videos downloaded are available for free and can be shared between different devices. A user can search for their favorite video or simply copy paste the link for downloading the video directly.


Vidmate is an award-winning application with more than 10,000 downloads by users. The application supports multiple languages and can help in downloading videos of multiple formats. Users can hide their search history using the inbuilt feature of the app and can even add subtitles to the videos. Moreover, the application allows a user to stream the content directly from the website. One can even watch live TV channels on Vidmate application. However, in order to install the app, users must Visit its official website and click on Vidmate Apk download option.

These apps require support and subscription from the users for continuous functioning and updates.