In which profession are you in? Are you an Architect? What type of skills do you own? Sometimes do you feel lack of guidance or assistance? Well, what if you look for a helping hand amidst android applications? There are so many applications out there that can be advantageous for the Architects.

The good part is that you would find the variety in these apps.  You can check out the rich options in the architecture applications in the realm of third party play store named 9apps. You can get all the applications for free and without any hassle. Anyhow, without any further time eating, have a look at some of the best applications for architects below:

Autodesk Sketchbook

The folks at Autodesk believe creativity begins with an idea, and at times you never know when this idea may strike. It might be when you are simply walking in the park, making payment of the bill in the supermarket, or simply sitting on your toilet seat. To ensure that ideas do not get forgotten, Autodesk developed a “superior and refined drawing experience” with innovative tools that assist you draft like a pro. Apart from than the markers, pencils, and over one hundred ninety customizable brushes, the application has a sixteen-sector Radial Symmetry and analytical Stroke that smoothes lines and exacts shapes.


The name of this app says it all. The Sunseeker application caters an augmented reality camera along with a flat view compass to track exact solar path, its hour intervals, rise or set times, and even winter and summer solstice paths. Amidst its various features, the app makes use of GPS and magnetometer to find the right solar position and path for your present location, capability to choose location on Earth, and even the details encompassing the maximum sun elevation. The application is not just ideal for architects, but is even suitable for real estate buyers, photographers, solar panel buyers, gardeners, and even sun lovers.


Have you just forgotten your measuring tape? Replace it with MagicPlan. Yet this is a free app that makes use of your camera to measure rooms, form the floor plans, and even suggest work estimates, all of that you can easily edit and export. In this way you would not have to worry about anything when it comes to measuring the space or area. The application has easy to use interface with smooth working.


Do you look for inspiration for a design project? Then this powerful yet free app should be your go-to. Having millions of photos of interiors and exteriors, this app named Houzz allows you save images, visualize the finished product, and contact other experts or professionals. Moreover adding to this, if you are a Certificate holder, you can even affiliate with this app through the Houzz account. In this way you get to know about so many prospects and can get instant suggestions or guidance too.


Thus, when you can multiply the intensity of your skills and knowledge with android applications, you should. If you aspire to be a successful architect or you are a budding one already; these apps might be a gem for you.