Snapchat is a multimedia mobile application used to share images and videos instantly. The interesting speciality of this application is that the shared images or any other files are automatically removed from the recipients’ side within few seconds, by self-destructing them. Hence, parents who want to follow their children’s Snapchat history, mostly will fail. But however, no technology is that robust and secured to make it impossible to crack them down. So, let’s see in detail about how to spy on someones snapchat.

Process of spy apps

There are many apps widely prevalent in the internet and in the app stores, which help parents to follow their children’s activities and allows to view the images, videos, and texts, shared via Snapchat. They come in different versions to support various Operating Systems like iOS, Android, and Windows etc. These apps start to function basically after they are downloaded and installed in the target device (the device, which you want to spy on) and from there on, it enables you to invisibly track or follow what’s happening on their Snapchat. Let’s see about some of the snapchat spy apps,


It is a spy app that helps to know about the multimedia files received or sent through the specified Snapchat app. It all starts from the point, where you plant the desired device with mSpy, after which you would never need to get the target device on your hands for its functions. Now, this app helps to save all the images, videos, audio recording files, etc. sent or received by that target device. It consists of a free demo to guide you throughout the process.


The FlexiSpy app is used to monitor and track your targeted Snapchat user. It contains many new and advanced features to store all hacked files online, automatically, which you can view or access even from a remote area. This app is meant not only for Snapchat hacking, but also applicable for other social media messages like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, text messages, etc.


SpyEra is one of the pretty good app to spy on any social media activities and messages. This application starts to monitor a particular person’s device, once it is activated. It fetches us all the activities from the Snapchat account. It also allows you to view, and download the photos, videos, and recordings, which were sent/received by the targeted device.


WebWatcher is also a spyware, but it consists of some unique features on tracking and monitoring concepts. It is compatible with almost all the mobile Operating Systems and can be installed freely. It offers you all the images/videos from Snapchat and messages from WhatsApp, once the targeted device’s user ID is set. This app also has the ability to track the location of the device.

SpyStealth – Snapchat Tracking App

This tool is also a spyware, enabling snapchat spy no surveyoptions needed to download it. It is claimed to be an efficient hacking tool that is devoid of the process of getting in touch with the target device often to spy on it. Once the application is installed, you directly go to its control panel, login with your credentials and avail the Snapchat spy service.

There are many more Snapchat spying applications and we have discussed a few of them that are very useful for parents to monitor and follow their children and prohibit them from immoral activities.