Running a dental clinic is very similar to running a business. As a dentist running a private practice, you will have to play two roles—that of a dentist and of an entrepreneur. Your patients will also be your clients, and you need to make enough money so that you can keep your business running. Dentistry is one of the most lucrative professions in Australia. However, most dentists aren’t really able to get their practice off the ground and end up losing a great deal of money in the process. To streamline your dental practice in this day and age, you can use technology to your advantage.

Managing mundane tasks along with treating your patients can get a bit overwhelming for one person. Rather than doing everything on your own, you can purchase a dental practice management software program to help you out. Using a dedicated software program could help you automate a lot of daily tasks and focus more on improving the standard of service you provide. Here are just some of the many benefits that you get for using a dental management software program.


As mentioned above, running a dental clinic is pretty similar to running a business. From time to time, you will need to run different marketing campaigns to attract more patients to your clinic. However, most dentists don’t know much about how to track their return on investment. With the help of a built-in marketing manager program, you will be able to create, schedule, and run different marketing campaigns. Best of all, you will be able to track the success of different marketing campaigns so that you’ll know which campaigns are well-received and which ones need to be disbanded altogether.

Online Reputation Manager

You can’t discount the power of social media in this day and age. If you want your dental practice to grow, you have to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to attract customers. Creating a Facebook page is an excellent way to spread awareness about your dental practice and let people know about the services you offer. You can share testimonials from satisfied patients and also write blog posts highlighting different tips for keeping teeth healthy. With the built-in online reputation manager, you will be able to track your online image and keep a check on the amount of exposure your posts are receiving.

Recall Manager

Keeping in touch with your patients is an excellent way to get them to keep coming back to you. There are several mediums that you can use to recall patients back to the clinic. The most common ones include phone calls, emails, text messages, and posts. With the automated recall manager, you can send automatic texts or call patients when the date arrives.

Workflow Manager

Another built-in feature of a practice management software program is to manage workflow and set appointments accordingly so that you are never overburdened and have enough time to treat every patient properly.